What Our Board Members Say:

“In order for the US to continue being a leader in the global economy, we urgently need to prepare the next generation to become successful global collaboration leaders and workers, especially in the rapidly changing science, technology, engineering, and math areas. I have had the privilege of observing the implementation of the Global STEM classroom model as well as working with the Global STEM Education Center on National Science Foundation proposals. The Global STEM model incorporates learning-rich projects completed by cross-national groups of students that incorporate: STEM competencies, content and pathways to careers; global teamwork and other 21st Century competencies;diversity and intercultural competencies; and innovative communication and collaboration technology.  The Global STEM classroom model is an exciting,innovative, and next generation initiative that holds great promise for improving STEM education and broadening access to and success in STEM courses and careers for all students and especially for young women and students from underrepresented populations.”

William (Bill) Diehl, Ed.D.
Executive Director, Collaborative for Educational Services
“Global STEM Education Center, Inc  provides students with an opportunity to gain global experience working STEM projects with other students around the globe.  It is a unique experience for them to learn and understand today's global environment.”

Ellen Ferraro, Ph.D.
Director, Systems Architecture, Design and Integration Directorate (SADID), Integrated Defense Systems, Raytheon
“The Global STEM Education Center’s Global Classroom is a great model for preparing students for their future roles as STEM professionals working with their counterparts all over the world to solve the problems which are facing the world.”

Isa Kaftal Zimmerman, Ed.D,
Massachusetts and Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council, Former Superintendent, Lexington, Easton, Acton-Boxborough; Former High School Principal, Hamilton-Wenham; Administration and Faculty at Lesley University; Administration at UMass

The Global STEM Education Center