The Global STEM Education Center

PILOT Programs "STEM Adventure"

Every year we have launching new and exciting programs that we initially and simply named "pilot programs".

As our team grew, we realized we all share the same passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Adventure such as space and for deep sea explorations; we are excited to learn everything about nanotechnology and to "fly" together with astronauts on the International Space Station! We are excited to conduct great scientific experiments and take a long look from space at our blue planet Earth… together! 

We are joining international expeditions to the South Pole and to the North Pole; we are "watching" the icebergs and counting days until the landing on Mars! We are designing 3D computer games and using 3D printers to develop the best wind turbines!  We are thinking about our global responsibilities and what we need to and can do TOGETHER to save our great planet! We are flying very high and diving very deep and we doing it together as a global community – a community of "dreamers",  of thinkers, of "doers" – a community of wonderful students, teachers, parents, higher education faculty, scientists, engineers and global leaders! Join our journey! Open your hearts and minds to STEM Adventures and to saving our BLUE PLANET! Let us know if you are interested in participating in our pilot programs! Send your email to 

(pictures taken during a visit and guided tour at WHOI (Woods Hole  Oceanographic Institute) - a big special thank you to the President of WHOI, Dr. Susan K. Avery!)