The Global STEM Education Center

Ruth Charlesworth (UK) qualified from Sheffield University with a Bachelors of Science (Honours) in Biochemistry. She successfully managed a hotel before training to be a secondary science teacher. She has been teaching for four years at Finham Park School. As part of her teaching career Ruth has led professional development courses, trained and mentored trainee teachers, developed schemes of work and attended many ‘Association of Science Education' conferences. Ruth is passionate about teaching science and inspiring future generations of scientists. She is continually looking to improve students learning experiences and to provide many varied opportunities as part of their education, which is what led her to take part in the Global Classroom project. Ruth's other interests are fitness, films and travelling.
Elena Bochkareva (Russia) is a mathematics teacher with more than 30 years of experience, many of her students have successfully participated in various mathematical competitions - including the Math Olympics and many other local, regional and National math tournaments as well as many STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) conferences. Elena is an alumna of Moscow State University with MS in Mechanics and Mathematics. She taught mathematics at the Military Engineering Academy. She is currently working as a mathematics teacher in the Lyceum «Vtoraya Shkola», as well as a Curriculum developer in Reasoning Mind Inc.
Joanne Jones (UK) qualified from Bedford University with a Bachelor of Education Degree (Honours) in Physical Education and English. Joanne has been teaching for 18 years, the last 12 of which have been at Finham Park School. Joanne is the 'Leader of the Whole School Student Leadership & Student Voice Programme' at Finham Park School, and Joanne leads and manages a whole school team of staff and groups of Student Leaders providing leadership opportunities for young people, both curricular and extra-curricular, in order to inspire a generation of students and staff to aspire. Joanne works with staff across different 'levels of leadership' at Finham Park School as well as in the local community, nationally and internationally, such as, China, USA, India, and in doing so, continues to create successful global classrooms. Joanne’s interest in ‘leadership’, ‘Science’ and ‘Global Communication’ has led to her coordinating the GTEC Projects at Finham Park School. Joanne is the Centre Manager for a number of successful National Sports Leadership qualifications, which aim to improve students’ leadership skills in sport and in other curriculum areas for students aged 8 – 18 years.
Leonid Perlov (Russia) is а Science Teacher with the Highest Professional Teacher Certification at Licej Vtoraya Shkola High School, Moscow, Russia. He is a GTEC Ambassador in Russia and was a lead educator for Global STEM Teamwork Student projects in 2012-2013; Leonid Perlov holds a MS degree from Moscow State Pedagogical Institute.
Mary Carol Sullivan-Descroix (France) is a teacher of English as a foreign language in France. She has taught English at many different levels and to many different age groups from technical English to adults in continuing education in fields such as nuclear engineering, medicine and business, and to students at middle school, high school and University levels. She has also been a teacher trainer. For several years she has been involved in promoting international communication exchanges between her students and their peers in the US, Canada and Australia through e-mail, shared blogs and video-conferencing. Ms. Sullivan-Descroix holds a BA from Rutgers University, a Master of Science in Business Administration from Boston University and a Masters in American Civilization from l'Université François Rabelais in Tours, France. She is a “professeur agrégée,” an academic rank conferred in France after passing a highly competitive examination entitling the holder to teach.

Global STEM Ambassadors